Retirement vs. Funding Your Children’s College Education

As many parents start ramping up their retirement planning efforts, their kids are also preparing for an important next step in life: higher education. It may seem overwhelming to manage both at once, but it’s important to face some very hard decisions. If you’re thinking about tapping into your retirement accounts, ask yourself a few […]

How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?

Many people do not like talking about life insurance — in times of health and relative ease, it can be an uncomfortable conversation. Moreover, the complexity of determining exactly who needs it and how much they need can be a little overwhelming. The number of people uninsured or underinsured continues to increase as more and […]

10 Tips to Aggressively Pay Down Your Debt

Debt can wreak havoc, not only on your finances but also on your ability to borrow. Having a lot of debt can create stress and sometimes be hard to get under control. The good news is, is that there are ways you can aggressively pay down your debt, helping you to get in a better […]

The Importance of Wellness in Retirement

You can do all the retirement planning you need in order to secure total financial freedom in retirement. But without the physical health to enjoy it – you’re missing out on the quality of life you envisioned. Wealth alone does not determine how much you will enjoy retirement. It’s a combination of health and wealth […]

Creating an Estate Plan

You may receive some estate planning advice that says, “write a will, get it notarized, etc.” You already knew how to do that. What you need is solid financial advice before you get into the mechanics of creating the binding document that will achieve your goals. You should discuss your circumstances with a financial advisor […]

What is a Family Business Succession Plan and Do I Need One for My Business?

If you intend to pass your business on to the next generation, developing a business succession plan should be top of mind when considering the future of your company. Eventually, you will want (or need) to retire, but rather than waiting until that time comes to decide what will happen to your business, it is […]

Tax Strategies for High Earners

Preparing a strategy that is both advantageous and tax-efficient might feel daunting at first. Thankfully, there are some things you can do now to keep from overpaying taxes. Build Your Team of Professionals You might build a team for any number of pursuits, from organizing a baseball team to putting together people to run a […]

Best Places to Retire in The U.S. in 2021

It is a top question pre-retirees ask- “Where should I live in retirement?” Whether you are considering moving permanently or plan to be a snowbird, most retirees still want to spend their golden years where the weather is warmer and the taxes are lower. So not surprisingly, Florida remains the top pick to retire in […]

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